About Us

We are a Company with over 14 years of experience in the market offering customized facilitation services at Government and private offices in Uruguay, regarding residence, personal documents, and other paperwork at Government and private institutions.

Our mission is to provide our clients with a quick, effective, safe, reliable and, above all, highly customized service according to our Client’s specific needs.
We pursue our goals always attaining effective and fast results. We consider each one of our Clients as unique individuals.

Our Company was constituted with the purpose of advising our Clients, solving their problems and avoiding them to waste time on the proceedings concerning the documentation necessary to reside in Uruguay, whether temporarily or permanently, as well as providing our Clients with support, advising and reference to the right professionals at matter they need.

I, Valeria Azambuja, Managing Director, possess the actual experience and expertise to direct our team towards effective results always requiring a proactive attitude and solid and humane values.

Other Services


Document legalizations and Apostille in Uruguay and Argentina


Payment of Uruguayan real estate taxes

Student Records

Agency for Student Records in Uruguay or Argentina

Driving License

Agency for proceedings regarding Uruguayan Driving License


Delivery services of documents from Uruguay to Argentina or vice versa

Police Records

Requests of Police Clearance Certificates or Good Conduct Certificates in Uruguay and Argentina


Requests for Birth, Marriage and Death Certificates either in Uruguay or Argentina


Certified Translations of foreign official documents in Uruguay


Registration of divorces and vital records at the Uruguayan Civil Register

Residencies in Uruguay


Please do not hesitate to contact us for any questions.